…I suppose lots of you will be mad at me for getting suicidal and depressed. And I understand that you would be. I assure you though, I did want to die. I still kind of do but I am too exhausted at this point to do anything more.

All this sort of tells me that I probably need to take a break from the community for a while. I need some time to recover from this, because it still really hurts.

…just wanted to say that I’m alive. I’m not doing okay at all, but I’m alive at least.

Okay, first off, stop. Don’t think about killing yourself. God put you on earth for a reason. So what if you think you’re not special in any way? God made you and put you here for a reason. You are loved, you are appreciated, and I will not stand for it when anons tell you you’re worth nothing. You say you’re worthless because you might be treated like crap, or no one ever appreciates you. I’ve been through that. I’m actually going through it right now. But no one deserves that. No one. Does it really matter if your pansexual? No. The anon that said you only post that stuff to have people baby you? SO?! It’s because you want attention. I do the same fucking thing. Every once in a while, everyone wants attention. Everyone wants it. I iritate my family members when I want attention; My siblings do it to me. And whiny and bitchy? Fuck that anon.

Never once have I seen you be a bitch to anyone on here since i’ve been following you. Nor have you ever been bitchy about the Zelda fandom as it is. You’re whiny? TUMBLR IS THE VERY DEFINITION OF WHINY. No one on here can be satisfied.

Stop. You are wonderful. You are fucking precious. You deserve to have kindness put unto you. You are special and unique. YOU ARE NOT A DISGRACE.

If I fucking have to I will send you compliments every day to make you feel better. I will not stand to have anyone feel like shit. I care about everyone. Even though I show my love in the most aggressive of ways, I care about everyone. Especially when they think of suicide.

So, please. Don’t think about killing yourself.

If you’re feeling depressed, i’m always here to talk to you.

No. If I lived and you got close to me, I would drain you of everything. Your time, your attention, your energy, your very lust for life. I have that effect on people even though I don’t intend to.

You saw what those other anons said… and I have no choice. It hurts way too much. I’m trying to write a goodbye, but I just can’t find the words. I want to explain what happened me that lead to my demise. But I’ll do it. I just can’t take the suffering anymore. It hurts. If people were just insulting me with lies, it wouldn’t really hurt so much.

But they’re telling the truth.