cruelfeline said: *paws at* Do y'all have words that stand as adorable pet names for one another? Or diminutives?


The most common diminutives are dol, n’ss, and vrich.

N’ss is most commonly reserved for newsparks and pets. Dol, the only prefix, has slightly more romantic connotations. But vrich was the all purpose diminutive that could be used on just about anyone, from pets to lovers to insufferably adorable friends.


First step a birb, second step a MANKIND! Lift up high so I see WHOLE livin room PLEADE


First step a birb, second step a MANKIND! Lift up high so I see WHOLE livin room PLEADE

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the only acceptable reason

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Imagine waiting for your friends in a teahouse where your favourite character happens to be a waiter/waitress. You’ve been sitting there for half of an hour, glancing back and forth between your phone and your FC. You’re almost out of patience when you get a text from one of your friends saying they already called the others to cancel the outing. You drop your phone next to you and loudly headbutt the table.

Your favourite character comes to ask if everything is alright and you pour out a river of complaints about how uncaring your friends are and how lonely you feel. Your FC takes pity on you and offers to bring you some tea on the house. You let them pick for you and, after a few minutes, they return with a pot of ginseng tea. While filling your cup, they casually mention that their shift ends in half of an hour.

They go back to their duties, leaving you to sip your tea and almost choke when you read in the menu the properties of ginseng: Brain stimulant, good for low blood pressure, aphrodisiac. Nice choice, darling - you think.

Not much later, you and your FC are strolling outside in the dark. You are not sure if it’s thanks to the tea, but you’re burning up inside, almost painful throbbing in your lower parts. You glance to your side only to meet your FC’s eyes, their expression a mix of eagerness and evil satisfaction. That’s the last drop, you start kissing and stroking each other in the middle of the street. When you’re both out of breath, your FC starts kissing down your neck, then your chest, accidentally pushing you into a parked car in the process. The car’s alarm goes off and you leave the scene in a hurry, laughing.

At home, the two of you resume kissing, clothes flying all over the hall. In the end, you don’t even get as far as the sofa, you make love on your coats on the floor. After both of you are satisfied, you lead your FC to your bedroom where you take the initiative and pay back for the first round, which is followed by yet another attack from them and the game goes on till morning.




Not many in the world can fathom such a level of deepness, it requires very thick goggles. Also I recommend wearing very thick goggles while watching this video, to protect your mind from the deepness withheld within the walls of the internet projected onto your screen of choice, likely the one you’re reading this message on right now.

so… what do Bronies do?

*shows this*

Just…what…what did I just…watch?!

This is actually hilarious omg

Anonymous said: What type of honorific titles does Cybertronian have?


Vral is an extremely common honorary suffix — a rough equivalent to “sir”, though it’s obviously gender neutral. If you want to be especially formal, you add a slight break in the word, so it sounds closer to veral

Serx is older and has grown slightly less formal over time. You can use it on an extremely easy-going superior or teasingly on a friend who’s being overbearing. 

Las is a prefix meant for those you don’t necessarily serve under. Respected colleagues, for example. Thranmiz is for mentors and teachers.

Lastly, there’s one that stubbornly refuses to translate into any Earth writing I’m aware of. It’s a brief, deep, rolling sort of sound that’s mean to glide off the end of a name; give it more weight as it hangs on the air.

This one is meant strictly for Primes.  

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Drew some mud fishes (and 2 fire birbs).
I’ve always struggled with finding a cool and fun way to draw these guys and I think I’ve finally found it!

holy shit this style is RAD



a motorcycle gang made up of ancient bisexual norse monarchs: the bikings



Imagine your OTP as Bonnie and Clyde, always on the run but still together. Extra points if they end up dying together, too.